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User Group Resources

Welcome & Guidelines

Find tips to make the most of your User Group experience.


FAQ User Groups

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

What is Alteryx Community?

Connect with data blending and analytic experts to discover new solutions to complex challenges, contribute fresh ideas, and gain valuable perspective on the industry


What is the User Groups on Community?

The User Groups on Community connects you to a community of people like you to share work experiences, ideas and best practices, ask questions, and gain insights.


Post, Star, and Comment Frequently!

Post! Share! Comment! We want this space to be available for open discussion and to share and exchange ideas with your peers about things in Alteryx you have discovered! The User Group Forum is a collaborative community venture that is only going to be resourceful as long as the User Groups makes it!


Is There an Alteryx Community Reward System?

Yes! Earn fun, funky badges for your participation!! The more you post and comment the more you will be rewarded! Dive in today!


How Do I Promote My User Group?

Promote via Email and Social Media! Mention Alteryx User Groups to your friends and colleagues! 


What are Community Events? 

A Community event could be anything from a User Group Meeting, an ACE Panel, a forum event, etc. We also consider live training (currently enabled in Academy) a Community event. 


From a platform perspective, Events is a new community discussion style designed to make it easier for existing users to participate and, of course, empower our champion users to handle all aspects around events such as publishing event pages, RSVP’s, notifications, etc. You can think of the new Events features in Alteryx Community in the same wheelhouse as Eventbrite. Like, Eventbrite, Community Events is not a webinar platform. 


Why Community Events? 

While we often promote what we consider a Community Event in the Community, the sign-up process and event itself often takes place outside of the platform ecosystem. This leads to friction, not only with internal systems, but friction on the participant’s side. Our goal is to eliminate that friction and make it easier for our Community champions to self-serve, while also improving the “registration” experience for participants. Registered members of our Community can opt-in to an event, with a click of a button.


Who can create Community Events? 

The opportunity to create community events will remain exclusive for privileged and trusted users in our Community, in addition to Alteryx associates who drive community supported programs. The primary use case for this initial phase 1 roll-out, is targeted at our active User Group leaders. At soft launch, each active User Group will have its own instance of events that leaders will have full access to create, manage, and publish events directly within their individual User Group spaces.  


What's unique about this iteration of Community Events, compared to live training, is that we are prioritizing putting the functionality into the hands of our trusted community. To truly empower self-service functionality we must be open to giving YOU, our amazing community leaders, the tools you need to be successful.


User Group Etiquette

  • Treat everyone with politeness
  • Be relevant
  • Protect your privacy
  • Post! Share! Comment! We want this space to be available for open discussion and to share and exchange ideas with your peers about things in Alteryx you have just discovered!

This space on Alteryx Community is a collaborative group venture that is only going to be resourceful as your User Group makes it.


For any further questions, please feel free to contact your User Group Team: usergroups@alteryx.com