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Alteryx User Group Meeting Round Up 2021

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Missed a meeting? Looking for the materials? Curious to see what happens at Alteryx User Group meetings? We got you covered! We have compiled a list that showcases what happens at our meetings in 2021.This index will update periodically. 


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Updated: 09/15/2021


Date of Meeting User Group Content Agenda Link
09/092021 Poland Resources / Recording
Intro to Macros with @
@estherb47 (ACE)
06/25/2021 Indianapolis Resources / Recording

Eenie Meenie Miney Macro – Jarrod Thuener
Community Updates

06/24/2021 New Jersey Recap/Resources

An overview of Data Science and Analytics at Chick-fil-A

06/24/2021 Atlanta Recap / Recording

“Fuzzy Match with Master Data” by Luke McDowell
“The Chicken (UI) or the Egg (Workflow) Problem with Analytic Apps” by Chris Lewis

06/24/2021 Ireland Recording

- Welcome & Intros - Johnny Butler and Dave Pansegrouw, The Information Lab & Alteryx Ace

- Design Patterns in Alteryx: Moving from Developer to Architect by Joshua Burkhow

- Alteryx at a larger scale by Paddy Kavanagh

- Q&A and Feedbacks


06/22/2021 New Zealand Recap / Recording Milking' data for 'Butter' Insights - Uday Wadhwani, Fonterra
Measuring 4G Capacity Utilisation - Kobus Prinsloo, Rural Connectivity Group
Community Updates - Blake Bennett, Alteryx
06/22/2021 São Paulo Recap / Recording Explorando as infinitas possibilidades com SDKs do Alteryx - @Thableaus 
Integrando Alteryx e Telegra...
06/10/2021 Poland Recording, Resources
- Welcome and Introductions
- A few words about Alteryx
- How to learn Alteryx?
- Special Guest Speaker: Alex Gross 
-Feedback & Networking


06/08/2021 Cleveland - All-Ohio Resources / Recording

Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) – Dean Wilson and Christina McLuckie @ Capitalize Analytics
Activity: Trivia - Ken Albert @ University Hospitals

05/12/2021 Research Triangle Resources / Recording An overview of APA (Analytic Process Automation) by Shawn Mock, Alteryx Sales Engineer
Neo4J connectors using the Alteryx GoSDK by Thomas Larsen, Business Analytics Manager at ABB
04/27/2021 Washington - DC Recap / Resources Community Updates
Alteryx & Snowflake
04/06/2021 Dubai Recording, Resources

- Mishal & Aazim Welcome & Intro to User Group

- Ice Breaker Activity

- Alteryx Journey’s – How it all started

- Alteryx Certifications w/ Chris Goodman


03/31/2021 Toronto Recap / Recording AFG – Toronto UG experience with 'Raising the Village' w/ Shawn Cheung & Pankaj Kotak
Santalytics w/ Maureen Wolfson & Amar Donthala
Alteryx Reporting Tools w/ Maureen Wolfson
3/25/2021 French Petit Prix 

- Nouveautés de la communauté
- Guest speaker : Amine BOUCHEMA de chez Oney Bank nous montrera comment il utilise Alteryx
- Petit Prix #2 : vous pourrez concourir pour montrer vos compétences Alteryx aux autres participants ou juste vous challenger !



Ireland Recap, Recording

- Introductions & Updates

- Alteryx in Finance - There is Another Way w/Donal Bourke, McKesson

- Predictive Analytics in Alteryx w/Ian Baldwin


3/20/2021 Bengaluru Recap

- Introductions

- Fireside Chat w/ Alex Gross


03/12/2021 Indianapolis Resources / Recording Josh – Design Patterns
In-Depth Look at Spatial Tools
Community Updates
03/11/2021 Atlanta Recap / Recording

Adding Resiliency to Alteryx workflows when connecting to changing data structures w/ Joe Mako
Tips & Tricks w/ Joe Mako, Joe Mako Inc

3/11/2021 Atlanta, GA Recording, Resources

- Introductions

- Adding Resiliency to Alteryx workflows when connecting to changing data structures


02/24/2021 St. Louis Recap / Resources Optimization with Mars
Tool Mastery: RegEx
2/17/2021 Twin Cities, MN Recording, Resources

- Introductions
- Community Updates
- Alteryx COE: Using a Hub and Spoke Model w/ Elsa Langenwalter
- Preparing for a successful Designer Core Exam - Tips & Strategy w/ Nick Haylund


02/17/2021 Research Triangle Recording / Recap Introductions & UG Business
Live Solve: Batch Macros
2/13/2021 India Recording, Recap

- Community Updates

- Use Case: Order Form Automation 

- Use Case: Santalytics Holiday Card Maker

- Q&A


01/26/2021 New Zealand Recap

Use Case  - How PwC Uses Alteryx 
Use Case – Vodafone NZ digital transformation through remarkable simplicity w/ Ruan Coetzee 
Use Case - Data Health w/ Alexis Jensen, Fonterra

1/14/2021 Atlanta, GA Recording

- Welcome

- Use Case: Using Alteryx to Improve Tableau Performance when Displaying Spatial


- Hands on training: Introduction to Alteryx Macros/Analytic Apps


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