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Find tips to make the most of your User Group experience.


How to Build a New User Group

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to the Alteryx User Group Community! Thank you for your interest and dedication to lead members of your community closer to analytic freedom. Here are some quick tips and best practices to help support your new group.


Starting a new User Group

Interested in a User Group that is not located in your area? No problem! If you are interested in starting a User Group, contact the Alteryx User Group Team: The Alteryx User Group Team will then help you find other strong users in your community to join the User Group Leadership Committee. To establish a brand new Group, we must have at least 3-4 leaders, from at least two different companies


What are some benefits of becoming a leader?

  • Build your personal brand
  • Network with other Alteryx users
  • Opportunity for speaking engagements
  • Amplify your advocacy
  • Create a community of Alteryx users



Your Role – User Group Leader

That’s you! The role of the User Group Leader is simple, you are here to energize, inspire, empower and lead your community. The User Group Leadership Committee is in charge of coordinating quarterly meetings in their community. The User Group Leadership Committee is supported by the Alteryx User Group Team.

Check List for starting a new User Group:

☐ Pilot phase

You organize and host two consecutive meetings using the General Community Events page to promote. The cadence of these meetings can be monthly or quarterly. The User Group Team will guide and support you along the way. 


☐ Pick a date for an informal get-together

Your meeting is easy to organize: make it an informal get-together, rather than a formal meeting with a pre-arranged agenda or speakers. You might want to arrange to meet at a bar, a coffee shop, the library, or a similar public venue. Do you have a local college or university with an MBA program, Stats or Business Economics department? They may be able to provide a meeting area.

You can also meet virtually of course!

☐ Get people to your get-together

Promote your meeting! An easy way is through word-of-mouth to other Alteryx users you know locally. Social networking sites like Community, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can also help.

☐ Create the official User Group on Community 

Once you run two successful User Group Meetings, the User Group Program team will work with you to get your new User Group page live where you can easily discuss and engage with your members and create events! We will also help promote you as an official User Group Leader, and grant you access to the User Group Leaders Private Lounge with all the useful resources to continue your User Group journey!