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Run Container is order

We need some way (unless one exists that I am unaware of - beyond disabling all but the Container I want to run) to fire off containers in particular order.  Run Container "Step1" then Run Container "Step2" and so on.


Seems like this request falls on deaf ears.

I have heard, or seen, or read (don't recall) some roundabout left-handed way of doing it. Nothing that seemed straight forward to me. I've ended up using 'Conditional Runner' which we just call 'Running Man' (not an official tool - I don't think) of firing off entire workflows in order. So each container would be it's own workflow. You'd need the CReW Macros tab.

Why is this not been addressed Alteryx!! such a simple thing to do... Especially in cases when you need to write to multiple tabs within the same excel file...