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Publish to Tableau Server without username and password but Personal token

Hi all,


The Publish to Tableau Server tool is great.. but requires username and password. If you are using AD, there is a chance that your users don't have a password. In that case, you probably have a technical user that you share across the team. This is not an ideal situation and you loose the governance around the data. 


Fortunately, there is an easy workaround. You can leverage personal token authentication : https://help.tableau.com/v2019.4/server/en-us/security_personal_access_tokens.htm 


The advantage of this method is that it logs in with your user and your data source is uploaded under your name. This is still using the Tableau REST API so the changes to do in the current macro is MINOR. 


Changes to do in the current macro : 


1- Add a parameter authentication method with choices : Username/Password ; Personal Token 

2- If Personal Token is selected, add two parameters : Token_Name and Token_Value

3 - In the TableauServer.Login supporting macro, improve the formula(13) to change the payload based on user selection. If Username/Password, keep it as is. Else use the syntax here : https://help.tableau.com/current/api/rest_api/en-us/REST/rest_api_concepts_auth.htm#make-a-sign-in-r... 



This is quite a straight forward change but could help a lot of companies using Alteryx.

Can you please implement that changes to strengthen this tool ? 


Thanks a lot,

Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @NicolasSz ,


thank you for the technical details.


We do have plans to enhance the whole macro as there are more pieces that deserve some updates. And supporting personal token is definitely one of them. Stay tuned.



11 - Bolide

This would be fabulous!  We have written a very nice custom publish to tableau macro in order to bypass the problem of stored credentials expiring by first authenticating with the credentials provided by the user, but then switching over to a service account, but it continues to lock people out if you bring the workflow back down into designer to do an update, at which point at refresh time it tries the original values.  


Hi @NicolasSz and @brian_scott ,


the new Tableau Output tool has been released into Gallery and is ready for download. PAC support is one of its features. Currently it works only for Tableau Cloud, but we're already working on On-Prem support as well. 

Status changed to: Coming Soon
8 - Asteroid

Thanks a lot @VojtechT , I will check this new version !