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Download tool - Request and Response details

I recently did some extensive work on using the download tool to invoke Restful Web Services. A lot of the initial effort was around ensuring that the data being passed in the header and body for the request was as the service required. Following review of experiences on the community I used a tool called Fiddler to directly view what was being sent to identify the problems in my transformations of the data going into the Download tool. The idea is that the raw HTTP request and reply messages are available directly in Alteryx in the Results window when running a workflow, preventing the need to use another tool.


Would someone PLEASE provide details about making REST/SOAP calls to an API that requires POST variables.  There's plenty on pulling GET requests, but that stuff is child's play and I can't find very much help on this subject.

Alteryx Partner

Hi Coxta,


I put this illustrative video together late last year, it should give a few pointers at least. I'm using POST and sending and receiving JSON payloads.


Happy to help if you hit any hurdles, it took me a fair while to figure this out also when I started.





Sorry for the delay in my response.  Just wanted to say thanks and that your Vimeo was very helpful.  I was able to better understand exactly how the download tool works and am now able to connect to Adobe Marketing cloud to consume real time website data for a company web traffic dashboard!



Alteryx Partner

Great! Good luck with your future development.


Thanks, likewise!