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Don't raise FileNotFoundError Exception in Python Tool, when no data is incoming

It seems that currently the Python tool is raising a `FileNotFoundError` exception in Python when there is not data incoming on an input connection. I have, for example, a Filter tool before the Python tool and sometimes there is just no data coming to Python tool - as it is intended.


Unfortunately, the Python tools gives my an error message in those cases with this message before the error:

Python (15)Unable to connect to input data (C:\Users\CCEB8~1.HAR\AppData\Local\Temp\3a9bb9672d7abbe6af3176379ae8c3b1\15\4460abb7be83bae8f01b9bf1238a923c.sqlite)


This is only the case when there is no data incoming. In all other cases, the tool works fine.


Since this is not really an error, a way to either catch this before using `"#1")` or just having `` return an empty data.frame (as I would expect it to do) would be appreciated.

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I just noticed, that the problem is more serious than I've thought: If I run a workflow with data incoming to the Python tool, everything is fine. If I rerun the workflow in the same session and now no data is incoming to the Python tool, it re-uses the previous data. It seems to be still available in the temporary folder and the empty data is not written anywhere. In my understanding this presents a Race condition, that is a serious problem with workflows running regularly supposedly only on yet unseen data. I haven't been able to update to 2019.1 yet. But in the release notes I didn't see this issue addressed. Hopefully, it can be fixed in the next release?