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Adding IN operator functionality in Results window of Browse tool

Hi team,


Currently, we can FILTER results in the result window using some string operations like "String equals", "String Contains", etc.

Firstly, it's a great feature. Kudos for the same.


However, it would be really helpful if we can add the IN operator functionality to this Result window FILTER.

Most of the time, we always want to check for multiple values while filtering the data.


I am attaching a screenshot of the FILTER location that I am referring to!




For eg, In the above screenshot of the result window, I want to filter for Name IN ('Bullock County','Baldwin County','Butler County')


Kindly look into this.


Thanks in advance.



Shreyansh Rathod




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @shreyanshrathod Thank you for submitting your feedback to the Alteryx Idea product board! That sounds like a useful feature. We appreciate all the feedback we get and are working to review and respond to all ideas that have met the criteria to be brought to our product team.

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Hi @CristonS ,


Thank you for reviewing this.

Always glad to support and provide positive feedback.



11 - Bolide

Hi @CristonS ,


Just to add to the above-mentioned enhancement, I believe FILTERing operations should also be made available for  DATE field types.

Operations like "Month ([Date Field])" = xyz and other relevant Date operations can help a user FILTER results on DATE fields.


Requesting you to look into this.

Thanks in advance,

Shreyansh Rathod