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Add "BETWEEN" as an operator function

This is a pretty quick suggestion:


I think that there are a lot of formulas that would be easier to write and maintain if a SQL-style BETWEEN operator was available.


Essentially, you could turn this:

ToNumber([Postal Code]) > 1000 AND ToNumber([Postal Code]) < 2500


Into this:

ToNumber([Postal Code]) BETWEEN 1000 AND 2500

That way, if you later had to modify the ToNumber([Postal Code]), you only have to maintain it once.  Its both aesthetically pleasing and more maintainable!


Great Idea! Perhaps it could be a function like:


Between(ToNumber([Postal Code]),1000,2500)
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for the request.  We will consider this as we make updates to our Formula tool functionality.




Status already changed to under review, so I may be beating a dead horse, but I just want to second the suggestion.


From the word go, I have LOVED Alteryx - still do - but I always found it odd that in tools such as e.g. formula, filter, you can't use BETWEEN.  To this day, I will sometimes type BETWEEN in there, get a parse error, and it sometimes doesn't immediately dawn on me what's wrong.


I think "[fieldname] between 10 and 15" is so much simpler than "[fieldname] >= 10 and [fieldname] <= 15".


Agreed. Oracle products have a between function.


python allows certain comparative statements regarding the same variable to be condensed. I think this syntax makes a lot sense, since this is something we've all seen since we learned about inequalities in grade school.

(b > a and b < c) == (a < b < c)
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any updates?

Alteryx Partner

this will be awesome for dates as well...