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synthetic data generation tool for Alteryx

With the growing demand for data privacy and security, synthetic data generation is becoming an increasingly popular technique for generating datasets that can be shared without compromising sensitive information especially in the healthcare industry.

While Alteryx provides a range of tools, I believe that a custom tool could help meet the specific needs of a lot of healthcare organizations and customers.

Some potential features of a custom synthetic data generation tool for Alteryx could include:

Integration with other Alteryx tools: The tool could be seamlessly integrated with other Alteryx tools to provide a comprehensive data preparation and analysis platform.

Customizable data generation: Users could set parameters and define rules for generating synthetic data that accurately represents the statistical properties of the original dataset.

Data visualization and exploration: The tool could include features for visualizing and exploring the generated data to help users understand and validate the results.


I believe that a custom synthetic data generation tool could help our organization and customers generate high-quality synthetic datasets for testing, model training, and other purposes.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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6 - Meteoroid

A custom synthetic lead data enrichment tool for Alteryx with the features you mentioned could indeed be valuable in the healthcare industry. By seamlessly integrating the synthetic data generation tool with other Alteryx tools, users can leverage the full power of Alteryx's data preparation and analysis capabilities. They can incorporate the generated synthetic data into their existing workflows, perform further transformations or analyses, and seamlessly transition between real and synthetic data. The ability to customize data generation parameters and define rules is crucial for creating synthetic datasets that accurately represent the statistical properties of the original data. Users could specify distributions, correlations, and constraints to ensure that the synthetic data reflects the characteristics of the real data while maintaining privacy and security.

5 - Atom

Incorporate in Alteryx. IT already has an UI and everything.

5 - Atom
5 - Atom

I worked at SAS for almost 4 years, involved in SAS Hackathons etc. and here was the great start-up who have built a synthetic data generator... 




This is not only important for a company to generate a synthetic/anonymized data to share with 3rd parties but

It's a great case for Alteryx to become a #Kaggle like problem solving space altogether even a consulting marketplace for alteryx experts!


5 - Atom

YData outperforms everyone else and they're free