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Use Gallery Data Connection name/alias as ID

We are trying to utilize Alteryx Workflow migration workflow to setup proper SDLC environments and ensure we have less human intervention in the process. For example, if we create a gallery data connection XYZ in multiple Alteryx environments and try to run the migration workflow, the connection IDs are different in those environments regardless of how we name them. So even if we migrated the workflow, we still have to manually go to each environment, update the connection(s) and upload it again. That sort of defeats the purpose of migration concept itself.

Suggestion is to use gallery connection name/alias as connection ID so that when workflows migrated, connections are mapped accordingly. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @Yuriy - thank you for your idea! We appreciate the time our users take to provide us feedback and help us improve our product. Be sure to check out our other product boards and user ideas as well as our updatedSubmission Guidelines

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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6 - Meteoroid

IMO, a horrible design decision on Alteryx's part that should have corrected a long time ago. On what I expect is very closely related, you shouldn't be able to have more than one workflow with the same name in the same folder, either!

7 - Meteor


I am currently facing the same challenge 

Is there any solution to facilitate the task please?