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To carry the existing input variable screen from database into alteryx



I am a hands-on guy and work a lot with hana views in SAP space. I have lot of views that are configured with some input variable screens (Filters). Few of these variables are mandatory and some are optional variables. So, that when I try to report off of these views or when I try to do data preview within hana system, a selection screen pops-up and I would enter proper values so that I would get the data that I actually need for my analysis.


From Alteryx, when I connect to Hana (ODBC) and choose my hana view, I am not getting those already configured selection screen variables. I have to reconfigure them within Alteryx to limit my data extract to my needs.


Right now, in my alteryx analytical work flows, to pass the filter values to the  hana view, I am using In-DB tools and multiple Interface Tools (ListBox) to mimic the functionality. 


I wonder, if Alteryx can give me the ability to get the already configured selection screen variables screen (on hana view) into my Alteryx workflow, our task would be much simpler. So that, when I click on magic wand, I would get the pop-up screen similar to the one I would get in my hana system while I do data preview of the hana view.


This feature can be made very useful so that the prompt screens can be embedded in the workflows wherever it makes sense. It doesn't have to be restricted for only In-DB tool pallet. We should be able to include the necessary columns/fields in the prompt screen to accept values. Multiple-Selection, Range, >=, <=, BETWEEN, EQ, <> are some of options for these filters.


If I am not clear, I can explain again.


Thank You,

Suresh Saguturu.

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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