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Support for OneDrive



I work for a company with circa 250K employees. We are in the process of shifting all documents over to OneDrive and I've noticed that when I have an Alteryx workflow that uses inputs stored on OneDrive the connection can be very intermittent. I use the UNC file naming protocol for my input/directory tools, but more often than not I need to run a VBA script that accesses OneDrive before Alteryx tools will connect.


There's a couple of posts on this community about this, but nothing in the ideas board. I believe the SharePoint connector is being updated for v11, but nothing for OneDrive.


I'd like there to be better integration to OneDrive for business and SharePoint Online please.





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi John,


I just found your post here after receiving a note from our friends at Microsoft that you were looking for a solution. I don't have an update for you yet however wanted to let you know that while we may or may not provide a solution, we are taking the feedback to heart and that our product planners need requests like this to help them gauge the interest.


What I can say is that we are working closely with Microsoft on a range of technology integrations.


Best regards

Håkan Söderbom, Director, Technology Alliances


7 - Meteor

With our move to Office365 and Corporate OneDrive, this is a must have for Alteryx as we are going to get rid of local share file drives in the near future.  Either part of the Input Tool or as seperate webconnector this should be high priority as UNC path and other methods we tried are intermittent and not working. After several days often you have to do logout of office365 in Internet Explorer and re-authenticate to ensure the mapped drives to your Corporate one drive work again in Alteryx workflows. A pain full exercise, so I wish better Microsoft integration is high priority on your roadmap.



11 - Bolide

Glad I found this post so +1. We really need this OneDrive connector so we can access files in the cloud since we are also moving away from local network drive. We are actually starting to use Microsoft Teams and Planner in Office365 so maybe having a Teams connector would also include the OneDrive connector? Put in on the roadmap please!


11 - Bolide



Also in the process of transitioning our file sharing from local share drives to One Drive. Please understand the urgency around this request for many users who also happen to be Alteryx ambassadors within their organization. 

7 - Meteor

I've found a workaround for the particular issue I had with using Input tools to connect to files on SharePoint Online. If an Explorer Box is added to your workflow and given the same SharePoint URL that your input tool uses (in UNC format) then the workflow will connect to SharePoint every time.


I think this has something to do with the Explorer Box using Internet Explorer protocols (whereas Input tools don't).


Would be good to hear other users feedback if this works for them as well.




5 - Atom

 +1 Corporate has us on Onedrive through Office 365 ... need an easy way to connect.

5 - Atom


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi All,


Based on all of the demand, we're exploring when and how we can integrate support for OneDrive!




7 - Meteor

Yay! Thank you.

5 - Atom



(Also, commenting to keep in the loop with any updates on the process)