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Support for OneDrive



I work for a company with circa 250K employees. We are in the process of shifting all documents over to OneDrive and I've noticed that when I have an Alteryx workflow that uses inputs stored on OneDrive the connection can be very intermittent. I use the UNC file naming protocol for my input/directory tools, but more often than not I need to run a VBA script that accesses OneDrive before Alteryx tools will connect.


There's a couple of posts on this community about this, but nothing in the ideas board. I believe the SharePoint connector is being updated for v11, but nothing for OneDrive.


I'd like there to be better integration to OneDrive for business and SharePoint Online please.





6 - Meteoroid

Thank you AlexP, can I use it for scheduled jobs?

7 - Meteor

Many thanks for the update Alex.


Is there any support for this? I am getting a Python error on setup. Also, how do I find my OneDrive Client ID & Secret Key?


Install Error.jpg

5 - Atom

Hi I'm getting error when installing this tool, does anyone have a resolution?Capture.PNG

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @alexjohnlittle and @alexbao,


Please shoot us an email at so we can troubleshoot with you on the install.

11 - Bolide

@ARich Hi Alex,


Can you comment on the integration of SharePoint Online document access? Is that still on the roadmap for Connector status?


I downloaded the OneDrive tools and they installed fine, but it appears they will not also support SharePoint Online.

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@cam_w- that's a good question.  While related to One Drive, particularly given the integration of the SharePoint product and One Drive platform, it probably deserves it's own topic.  Care to create a new one?

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@john_miller9 - Yep, it exists already:


I had found 3 'ideas' that mentioned SharePoint Online document library integration, but weren't addressed becuase there were 'bigger' concerns in each of them and SPO was not a priority in the request. I finally found the SPO document library specific one.

5 - Atom


I am unable to find onedrive input output tool from gallery. Can someone please give me the exact path.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @sanyajaleel


Of course - the link is:!app/OneDrive-Tools/5b1f09810462d72900a250e7


As a note to future visitors to this thread, sometimes as we push an update to the tool the exact URL changes on the gallery.  Visit and search 'onedrive' to look for the page and if you have any trouble accessing you can always shoot us an email at