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Only Duplicates Tool

There is no tool that exists that outputs all records that are duplicates (those sharing the selected values with at least one other record) and also outputs the records that are not duplicates (those not sharing the selected values with at least one other record).


The Unique Tool is not sufficient.  It only provides the first record of a unique duplicate group along with any non-duplicates and then provides a secondary output that only contains the additional records of a duplicate group.  Sometimes you only care about the duplicates and want to quickly see what differs between the unique groups.


For example, if there are 4 records with the City of Austin and I am looking for duplicates on City I want to see all 4 records with Austin in the output so I can quickly compare additional fields to see what might differ, or if they are all indeed truly duplicates.

11 - Bolide

Great Idea!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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6 - Meteoroid

Duplicate Only Tool - Alteryx Community



Please find attached the Macro i built to do the same. Hope Alteryx takes inspiration :)

9 - Comet

@amtraker1777 in the meantime the current CReW macro Unique Only might be what you are looking for, if your organisation permits it. @MarqueeCrew


7 - Meteor

@Tam I would use it but I plan on uploading the workflow to server and CReW macros are not supported which just blows my mind

7 - Meteor

@prashant_007 Thank you! I will test it out and use it until Alteryx decides to create their own tool

9 - Comet

@amtraker1777 I am using Server version 2020.2.3 and it works just fine. 

This might sounds like I am trying tell you how to suck egg, it is not the intention. 

When loading the workflow to server under: 

Workflow options --> Manage Worfklow assets 

select C:\..\..\CReW_OnlyUnique.yxmc


and Bob should be your uncle. 😀

7 - Meteor

@Tam Thanks Tam. We are using a more recent version for server (2022.3.1.486). OnlyUnique may work, but "the CReW Runner macros (Runner, Conditional Runner and List Runner) are the only CReW macros supported by Alteryx for Alteryx Designer ONLY. These macros are not supported when used on Alteryx Server, Alteryx Designer + Scheduler or AAH". This is why I am asking that they provide the same tool in the Preparation toolbox or they modify Unique to allow for Duplicates only. In the meantime, I will use the macro provided by prashant.