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Moving Average tool

Why Alteryx does not have an easier way (Drag, Drop, Click and Run) to calculate moving averages with a specified lookback? There are so many things that one has to adjust before calculating moving averages for a simple numeric column.

I understand that there is a CrewMacros called "Moving Summarize" which does that, but it has a limitation of a lookback period of 100. What if you have data with millions of rows where you need a lookback in 1000s then there is no easy solution to this.


Does anyone know that this configuration is in the making? Moving Average is bread and butter for analysts like me. I am urging Alteryx developers to build this tool asap. and it will bring lot of comfort to my troubled soul.


Maybe i am clearly missing something here, please enlighten me!


Thank you!

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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