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In-Database Update and/or Delete

DELETE from Source_Data Where ID in

SELECT ID from My_Temp_Table where FLAG = 'Y'




Essentially, I want to update a DB table with either an update or with the deletion of rows.  I can't delete all of the data.  My work around will be to create/insert into a table the keys that i want to delete and try to use a input/output tool with SQL that performs the delete.  Any other suggestions are welcome, but a tool is best.




5 - Atom

This feature would be a huge help in my current process. I have built a table of summarized data that I would like to delete the current month and then use alteryx to append the current month data. Currently I have to run the delete query in SQL developer and then run the append In-DB process in Alteryx. I don't have scheduling privlages in our Oracle environment.

5 - Atom

would be a great feature and would enable an easier transition from MS Access based processes

5 - Atom

For ease of use, I agree this would be a nice addition to have tool(s) that take care of this.

8 - Asteroid

I am looking for the same thing.  It will be faster and easier like MS Access.

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I would like to see the same functionality in the IN-DB tool as the standard output tool. Meaning, include the three versions of update (update: warn on update failure, update: error on update failure and update: insert if new). Without having this functionality we are required to use a PreSQL statement or Data Stream Out tool and then a standard Output Data tool.  A delete option would be nice with both the In-DB and standard output tools. 


Use Case: We regularly do weighting on our session tables which need to be adjusted on a daily basis on millions of records, keeping it In-DB is faster.

7 - Meteor

Throw my vote in as well. I need to run a delete * from Where date >n before I execute any code. There are very complex work arounds but this would be a much better solution.

6 - Meteoroid
I like this idea. In-DB tools must have this king of functionnality. The more I can run on my hadoop cluster, the more I will save processing time .
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review
7 - Meteor

This is one of the main problems I have with Alteryx, no ability to run a "Generic" sql statement.

11 - Bolide

I agree, some more flexibility on In-Database updates would allow me to retire lots of SQL scripts.