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Exasol Database

We have a number of clients now using Exasol databases and they would like to connect Alteryx to this data source.  There is currently some difficulty connecting using Alteryx and so it would be good if this could be fully tested please.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Dear Carl,

Thanks for your request for Exasol, and for testing it out with Alteryx. I would like to hear more about the clients' use cases with Exasol, and about the challenges you are currently facing with the connection. Would you be available for a webex next week?

Looking forward to hearing from the Community on this.

5 - Atom
Hi Poornima

We are using the Exasol Database at Manor in Switzerland in combination with Alteryx. The connection is made over a ODBC Driver and works without problems with other tools like Business Objects. At the beginning we didn't have any problems with Alteryx, too. The connections works without problems and we can input data over the visual query browser or directly with sql. The first time we access the data everything works fine. But if we would like to run the workflow for a 2nd time we always receive an error.

5 - Atom
We tried to work with the cast function but it didn't help. Even if there is no numeric attribute in the dataset we receive this error. So it seems to be something else. The question for us is, why does it run without problems the first time? The Error is called:
Internal Error in _getNumericAttribute: number too big

Here additional information about the database and odbc driver:
Database: Exasol 5.0.1
Database Driver: EXASolution Driver Version 5.0.7
6 - Meteoroid
Hi Dominik. You propably need to get a preprocessor in place. I recieved one from Exasol support to fix the date datatype issue. Please contact Exasol support, they are very skilled. 
I would put a log-file on my odbc and include it when contacting Exasol.

Best regards//Leif
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented

Hi All,


EXASOL support was added to Alteryx in 11.0.