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Enhance Auto Field Tool to Include Better Date Time Data Type Detection

With the increase number of JSON feeds and the need to properly define the data type for date and date/time fields. It would be useful to have the Auto Field tool detect common date and date/time formats from Strings and assign the Date, Date Time, or Time data type.


Given the following input data:



The select tool confirms is a String



If we use the Auto Field as:


The result is still a String data type (2nd Select Tool)



I would expect this to be Date Time.


One solution would be to create a formula and parse it, but this is not suitable for situations that the field names are unknown.


It would be much easier to have the work done by Auto Field.


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17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This seems to be a useful idea - if I understand correctly, you're suggesting that AutoField be augmented to look for dates with common formats and then auto-types and auto-converts these?

Makes sense, and it would speed up quite a lot of data cleansing.


7 - Meteor

A python implementation would be:


import datefinder


text = "If there is a date here, Sunday, July 23, 2022, the following should return it"


result = datefinder.find_dates(text) # datetime (2022, 07, 23, 0, 0)