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Enable auto-complete/predictive typing for connection strings when DCM is enabled

For all Alteryx versions I can remember, when entering a connection string into an input tool (e.g., "C:\Users\mbarone\Desktop\ . . . "), you could just start typing and it would auto-complete.  This is no longer the case when DCM is enabled.  This is a huge efficiency hit we're taking, and is enough for us not to enable DCM (optional or otherwise), given the fact that current workflow connection manager works just fine (meaning the "akas").


Please bring back auto-complete/predictive text when DCM is enabled.


7 - Meteor

Yes auto complete is very useful!  Thanks!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

very much agree @mbarone ,


In fact - there's a few ways that we could remove clicks from the DCM data connection process - starting with allowing users to select from a drop-down directly in the input-tool (rather than having to punch out to the DCM tool).

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Totally agree with that @SeanAdams; never been a big fan of having to exit the Input tool to get to the data.  In fact, I've been running in classic input/output mode since they changed it, and will continue to do so until we cutover to the release where they removed that option.