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Email tool add HTML output option

When using the Alteryx email tool to send a text to a mobile device via carrier URL (i.e. bad characters appear. This is due to the fact that the Alteryx email tool is sending in XML format and the carriers only accept HTML.


This was determined after working with the Alteryx support team to determine the root cause of that bad characters appearing on the mobile phone.


We are using an Alteryx workflow as an early warning system for technical issues to upper management. These advisories or alerts are being sent to mobile devices via email tool.



Andrew Hooper

12 - Quasar

This is an excellent idea, a definite need for the community of users.


I would simply rephrase the requirement to be that "We need the ability to send text messages (sms & mms) to support communication to mobile devices.


This could be an enhancement to the Send Email Tool or a completely new tool.  We don't care as much how you deliver the functionality as much as getting the functionality.  I say this to keep the Alteryx product team and developers open minded knowing that sometimes it is easier to build a solution from scratch versus modify/redesign an existing tool which can be problematic at times.


It might be faster and easier to build a new "Send Text" tool than force the existing tool to do both protocols.


Note:  I came to this idea looking to see if anyone asked for modification of the Email Tool to support running it at a specific point within a workflow.  We use the tool to send notification of completion of jobs and sometimes attach outputs but we would like to be able to also send notifications at the start or at key points within a workflows processing.  Currently the email tool is forced to be the last tool run in a flow, even if you use block until done tool to force order of path execution to hit the email tool first.


If we could add a check box or other toggle switch method to override the current default, of being the last tool run, to be able to run at will within a flow that would be awesome!  And of course we would want the same ability for texting, be it a new feature of the email tool or a new tool all its own. 


I am adding the above as a new enhancement request but thought it worth mentioning here as well as it has a shared relevance.

5 - Atom
Hey Jason, Can you re-upload the file? Seems to be missing. Thanks
10 - Fireball
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