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Designer is slow when using In-DB. It should keep the first connection alive.

Alteryx Designer is slow when using In-DB tools.


We use Alteryx 2019.1 on Hive/HortonWords with the Simba ODBC Driver configured with SSL enabled.


Here is a compare In-DB / in Memory : 




We found that Alteryx open a new connection for each action : 

- First link to joiner = 1 connection.

- Second ling to joiner = 1 connection.

- Click on the canevas = 1 connection.


Each connection take about 2,5 sec... It really slow down the Designer : 




Please, keep alive the first connection instead of closing it and creating a new one for each action on the Designer.




8 - Asteroid



This was also mentioned in this idea :


best regards,



6 - Meteoroid

Is not the problem you have here that your In-Database and regular Input tools need to use different connections?


I think It's because we need to use Manage Data Connections and Manage In-DB Connections separately that the different tool sets have to create their own connections even if using the same credentials.


I'd like to see the two connection sets merged into one - then the Engine could at least try and open connections just once. And I could centrally manage my In-DB connections from my Gallery which I'd prefer to do.

7 - Meteor

No, our problem is In-DB only.

6 - Meteoroid

Ah, sorry I was distracted by your animation!, hope you work it out...

7 - Meteor

Thank you anyway.


These 2 gifs are 2 distincts workflows. It shows it takes 3x more time to configure a join In-DB than In-Memory.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Connection pooling would help with this, as you say, and would make the experience more interactive.    It may also help if Alteryx Designer caches some of the meta-data details so that it doesn't need to do a round-trip for each change to the flow.

9 - Comet

This would be a huge quality of life improvement.  Designing a flow with In-DB tools is so slow and quite frustrating that each click on a tool or the canvas takes 10-20 seconds.  

6 - Meteoroid

+1 on this issue for visibility 

14 - Magnetar


6 - Meteoroid

Looks like this has gotten some significant traction lately - would love to see this idea addressed by the Alteryx team.