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Delete Data and Append for Standard Excel .xlsx Files

For the Output tool, File Format of Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx) - the non-Legacy one - it doesn't have the "Delete Data & Append" option that the Legacy ad 97-2003 Excel formats have. 


Having the Delete Data & Append for the most recent version of Excel would be very beneficial. Without it, there does not appear to be a way to udpate an existing Excel sheet using an Alteryx workflow while preserving the formatting within the Excel sheet. The option to Overwrite/Drop removes all formatting. 


I have this workflow refreshing an Excel sheet daily, and then am emailing it to a distribution at the end of the workflow. Unfortunately, right now I have to use the 97-2003 format to preserve the formatting of the Excel sheet when it is automatically refreshed and emailed each day. 


Can you please assess adding this option? Thanks!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback- please continue to star if you have a need for this feature.




5 - Atom

I am encountering the same issue.  My daily work requires Alteryx to output to multiple designated named ranges to multiple excel spreadsheets (*.xlsx).


The legacy excel output ("Delete Data & Append") feature works just fine until a recent Alteryx update which seems to have this function removed.  The overwrite /drop feature can output data however the format has disappeared. 


Currently I have to manually restore the format one file by one (>20 files), as my deliverable is for public release so there is no chance to compromise presentation. 


Is this my own problem, or the legacy excel output is no longer supported?  

6 - Meteoroid



We have quite complex reports prepared for FIN REPORTING in our financial institution, using the option "Delete Data & Append", was the solution working in our cases. We had prepared the templates and populate them with preserved formatting. Now it is not possible with xlsx. I hope it will return in the next version.



9 - Comet

Need more stars

8 - Asteroid

Being able to preserve Excel formatting when outputting to the .xlsx format is crucial for many organizations that use Excel to directly present data.

7 - Meteor

This would be nice for .XLSM files also