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Convert Browse tool to Output tool

Please let me know if I've overlooked a suggestion and I'll be glad to upvote that post.  


I think it would be great to be able to convert a Browse tool to an Output tool.  I always work with browses until I have the product that I want, at that point I'll bring in the output tool.   The ability to right click and convert, would be great.

7 - Meteor

Other tools could benefit from a "Convert" option as well.  Examples include:


  • Join <-> Union <-> Append Fields
  • Formula <-> Multi-Field Formula <-> Multi-Row Formula
  • Summarize <-> Cross Tab <-> Transpose
  • Report Text <-> Layout <-> Table


Perhaps the simplest solution would be adding a "Convert To..." menu, that has the same options as the "Insert After..." menu.


14 - Magnetar

+1 for this idea. Being able to convert browse to output would be very useful.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

The ability to convert a Browse tool to an Output Data tool will be available in the 2019.3 release. Thank you for the suggestion!

Status changed to: Implemented

This is now available in the 2019.3 release. Download it at