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An IfError Function

I was just thinking how nice it would be to have an IfError function like there is in Excel.  With Alteryx's design, there isn't really much need for the function.  I just ran into a case today where I thought it might be useful.  There was a function created after a crosstab that expected certain field names to exist.  I got around this by using filter, summarize, and join tools instead. 


It just stuck with me that it would be much easier to just say:



Something like this could also be used when referencing a field which has a calculation that produces an error.


I don't know if something like this would be completely antithetical to Alteryx's design, but there are times when it would definitely be convenient. 

8 - Asteroid

@MichaelMains Agree.


Ran into situation where data was not available and a divide by zero error occurred.

It would be nice to have blank space read as NA.

5 - Atom

Hi. Could you find a solution for this? Without using the if conditional

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Alteryx Community Team
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