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Allow upsert functions using any ID fields

Pushing data to Salesforce from Oracle would bemuch easier if we were able to perform an UPSERT (Update if existing, Insert if not existing) function on any unique ID field in Salesforce. Instead of us having to do a filter to find the records that have or don't have an ID and run an Update or Insert based on the filter.

6 - Meteoroid

I agree this is a useful feature addition

5 - Atom

Any updates on this idea?

6 - Meteoroid

Any update on this?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This would not just be useful for salesforce, but this would be a helpful extension to the broader Alteryx platform.

Currently Alteryx allows this kind of capability where a primary key is defined, but this is a fairly costly operation and additionally you cannot do this on a field that does not have an explicit PK defined; or where you have multiple fields that together form the unique key.


I'm a supporter.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi All,


We don't have any immediate plans to implement this, but please continue to star if you'd like to see this.




5 - Atom

Please provide this feature. Integration design can be simplified with this feature.

5 - Atom

Boa tarde!!


Estamos utilizando a ferramenta Alteryx em diversas frentes:

- Extração de Dados ORACLE;

- Extração de Dados SQL SERVER;

- Criação de tabelas;

- Inclusão incremental em tabelas Oracle (Tabelas Z SAP);

- Limpeza e inclusão em tabela Oracle;

- Junção tabelas Oracle x SQL Server.


Para ficar uma ferramenta completa, falta a alteração de campos (update).



9 - Comet

It's a shame this feature isnt supported as its a key part of salesforce's data loading CRUD capability, and forces considerable additional complexity in a workflow.


Currently I have to:

  1. Import the SF object data in via an SF imput tool and so adds a further dependency,

  2. Then join in/out the imported data with the current data stream on a new additional set of keys,

  3. Then stream the data out of the L/J/R parts of the join into dedicated insert and update paths

  4. Route each path to 2-3 different SF output tools to handle each of the insert and update needs.

It's also particulalrly frustrating as it forces you to incorporate the input tool in the process, which requires a 7-10 second refresh every time to click/edit the flow, and slow makes the whole workflow cumbersome to work with.


So its a 'Muchos Votos' from me.


13 - Pulsar

More than useful, and not only for salesforce... every connection and in-database workflow should allow that.

Best regards,