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Allow Personal Use of License

I'd like to see Alteryx allow a second install of your license on a second, personal machine.  Tableau allows this and IMO is why there is such a robust online / blog community around that product.


For those of us that work at mid-size to large organizations, there are often strict rules governing internal data and use of cloud-based data sources.  If I discover some new trick I'd like the share with my fellow Alteryx analysts outside of my company, I have no clear way to do that the same way I can with Tableau where I can do it at home not using my company's data.


Being able to learn new features and test things out on commonly available public data (ever notice that Superstore data set everyone who gets Tableau has?) would accelerate what we're able to do with the community site here and the larger analytics blogging community.



11 - Bolide

Yes, please! It would be way more practical for transporting Alteryx to the Inspire conferences!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi Jason!


This is planned for a future release.  We do want you to be able to use your license at work and home.  Thanks for the suggestion!



11 - Bolide work and home...and Inspire, and the Tableau Conference, and the metro, and the beach! :-)

11 - Bolide

Totally agree that would be fantastic!

7 - Meteor

Would love to be able to blog about Alteryx and provide sample workflows along with the blog post. This is currently not allowed by the license terms. Any plans to change that in addition to the personal license?

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi JohnF,


How soon will dual license be available? My team and I are working on some intense workflows and we would like more time to practice some of the advanced features of Alteryx to showcase them to the rest of the company.


Thank you,


10 - Fireball

In addition to being able to install a personal license on more than one machine, I also think it would be great if Alteryx offered some sort of tiered pricing, whereby you can get a base set of tools (e.g. the really common ones) for a very low price, and then upgrade to more advanced collections of tools as their skill and data needs increase.  Someone could trial those new tools to see if/how they'd use them before upgrading.  I think this would also be a more reasonable way to trial the software, since trying to understand all of the tools in 14 days is a tall order. :-)  But focusing on a new collection of tools (say, In-Database) for 14 days to see if I could make use of them for my work is totally doable.


I've just picked up my first license, and while I periodically explore & use some of the other tool collections, I spend 99% of my time right now with the Input/Output, Preparation, Join and Transform tools.  And while I love what those tools can do, I'd be hard-pressed to cough up $4k/year if my company wasn't buying it for me.  But if I could get those fundamental tools for signficantly less per year, it'd be a no-brainer for me to make that purchase.


I just think that if Alteryx had more affordable options (or even had something akin to Tableau Public), it would easily become an essential part of any data analyt's took-kit.



11 - Bolide

Well spoken, @mix_pix!

15 - Aurora

Also very interested in this, as are additional users at my location. Any insight on a timeline would be great - would love to be able to pass along a date.


11 - Bolide

Imagine if Alteryx has a 'free' edition similar to Tableau public perharps limited to like 5 million rows or something.. That would be amazing and I think drive a lot of people to trial Alteryx.