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Add support for Oracle Database External Authentication

In Alteryx enable connections to Oracle Databases that are configured to use External Authentication.

This should allow Alteryx workflows to connect to Oracle databases using different authentication mechanisms, e.g. Kerberos.


Please see this discussion for some analysis on what would be required in Alteryx to support Oracle Database External Authentication:


Essentially this would involve Alteryx allowing users to specify that a connection to an Oracle database will utilize external authentication.

Then when connecting to an Oracle database with external authentication, Alteryx would pass the relevant parameter to Oracle to indicate external authentication is required (and Alteryx would not pass user name and password info). Then authentication with the Oracle database would be controlled by the external authentication configuration on the computer running Alteryx.


For more information on Oracle Database External Authentication see:

5 - Atom

I can see this feature being very useful for analysts who require separate log-in and passwords to extract ORACLE data.

5 - Atom

This feature will be very useful for us in one of our regions where there is strict control of password use and warrants kerberos for single sign on to Oracle DB

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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