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Add "Unknown Left Fields" and "Unknown Right Fields" to the Join tool.

Today, any Alteryx tool with "Select" functionality has an option for "Dynamic or Unknown Fields" which, when checked, allows any new fields to pass through that tool.  This is a great function for most of the tools as you can allow workflow updates to pass through the tool without issue.

However, in the Join tool, there are some use cases where there is NEVER a reason to pass new fields from one side or the other into the tool, but you might still want new fields from a primary process.  Examples being something like a lookup/cross-reference to do an inclusive join, where adding new fields to the lookup might inadvertently pass these downstream.  Having the option to only allow unknown fields from one side through would greatly enhance this output.

8 - Asteroid

i agree this would be nice but the easy work around is to just add a select tool and have unknown unchecked before the join

7 - Meteor

Agree that you can put an extra select in front of each Join to avid this, but that is more work and less efficient, and make the workflow looks unnecessary more complex. It would be really nice to just have the ability in the tool. We already need to have an Union tool behind if we like something else than Inner Join, so a simple Join tool will then be up to 3 tools.. (at least one select tool in front, the join tool and an union tool...)



This is also wanted in this Idea: Unknown field separate for Left and Right Input - Alteryx Community

11 - Bolide

Just came here to see if this was already a suggestion.  Would be SUPER helpful in the tool itself, even though there are workarounds.  

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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