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Access to S3 using IAM roles

We have Alteryx running in AWS which seems to be a common setup.Our AWS instances are set-up with IAM roles which has been one of the security measures applied in order to finally allow our enterprise company to allow some development in the cloud. IT will not allow the sharing of Access keys to connect to S3.

  • Would like to use the AWS S3 Tools from the connectors palette as the AWS CLI has limited ability to handle/report exceptions or issues with any detail. At the moment, we are limited on what goes into production as we are using CLI for what we can.
  • Ideally, an option would be to add to the S3 Tools allowing the user to select IAM Roles rather than Key Access. Refer the screen attached.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback. Based on high demand across our user base, we'll evaluate this for inclusion in the future roadmap.




6 - Meteoroid

Hi there,


Got my vote on Alteryx using roles as oppose to keys:




6 - Meteoroid

Any update on this? Its been more than a year since the first post. Does Alteryx have an ETA on when we would have the ability to use IAM roles?

5 - Atom

Any updates on this feature ?

6 - Meteoroid

Any update on this feature? Badly need it.

9 - Comet

Any updates please?

9 - Comet

It would be great to have this feature. Very often, access keys are not allowed to be used.

Any update on this please ?


5 - Atom

Any update?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @mznaas!


Do to shifts in process and our product team, some ideas fell through the cracks and were not included in the feedback loop for review. We've updated our process and are currently working to provide current updates on ideas in that situation, including this one. So, while there is no current update on this idea keep an eye out for an update in the near future!