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Ability to drop multiple tools onto a connection

Currently if I have a connection between two tools as per the example below:


I can drag and drop a new tool on the connection between these tools to add it in:



And designer updates the connections nicely, however if I select multiple tools and try and collectively drop them inbetween, on a connection then it won't allow me to do this, and will move the connection out of the way so it doesn't cause an overlap.


Therefore as a QoL improvement it would be great if there was a multi-drop option on connections between tools.



11 - Bolide

Agree this would be a help

5 - Atom
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Not applicable
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8 - Asteroid

Agree as well. This would help as frequently needed.

I often isolate a portion of a workflow I am trying to fix in a new canvas while developing a solution and then re-inserting in the main workflow. This would really help as well as the insertion moving everything else around to create the required space.