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It would be great if the File loader could recognize the SQL file extension to read and display the SQL script in Connect. An example would be similar to how the DDL is visible when you look at views in Data Sources. This would provide a large benefit when researching overall data usage and mapping to other data sources and workflows.


When I add descriptions to tables or columns in Connect then use that asset in a workflow, I would like to see the same table and column descriptions within the metadata in Designer. To illustrate, I've shared some screenshots...






The addition of the On-Premise PowerBI loader is very beneficial. The current loader grabs PBI workspaces, workbooks, dashboards, and database connections all important to the PBIX files. It would also be an huge benefit if Connect could capture Paginated Reports (RDL file extension) information. 


Thank you.


Jason Melik




Hello Alteryx team,


Can you please includeSAP Crystal Reports loader in the Connect for Future Release.





It would be very useful to have a standard metadata loader for chained workflows or apps.


Currently the Crew Macro Conditional runner or the Alteryx Event/CMD based workflow/app chaining or the chaining from interface designer do not have a corresponding metadata loader. 


At the moment the only option of creating a nexus for chained apps or workflows is to manually create the links between various assets and workflows. This can be highly tedious depending on the number of workflows/apps being chained, inputs and outputs involved in each workflow and also error prone.


This creates a sort of blindspots in terms of end-to-end metadata management and showing true lineage when using chained Alteryx apps/workflows.


As the chaining of workflows and apps is a major timesaver and helpful tool to break down larger jobs into smaller manageable jobs it would be massively useful to have a corresponding metadata loader.


Many thanks,



The Alteryx Connect loader (found under help / sample workflows etc...) is set up to be run in interactive mode as an analytical app.

However; on any installation of a reasonable size - these loaders will be scheduled to run without user intervention.


Given the fact that Analytical Apps are not easy to schedule (given the interactive nature of the inputs) - it makes sense to provide a version of the loader that is ready out-the-box to be scheduled and run hands-free (built and tested as a yxmc file).


Many thanks



Hi Alteryx team,


Currently, Alteryx Server loader is pulling quite a several different types of information (e.g. date uploaded, number of runs, last run date, published version etc.).


Would it be possible to add the information about the workflow schedule? It would contain the frequency of how often it is scheduled to run on the server (if applicable), for others, it can be "not scheduled" or something.


Thank you



In the Alteryx Gallery we have the ability to place workflows in Districts or Collections. This structure should be maintained in Connect. Similar to how Data sources are managed, instead of Data Source Servers, you have an area to select and filter by the various collections and districts in which workflows are contained.


Alteryx notifies thumbs up but does not notify the owner of a thumbs down.... We think this makes sense to have as consistent so that the owner can follow up on issues with the asset, and/or have it removed.


When we were demo'd Alteryx Connect, I am positive that the person demonstrating said that users would be notified of @ mentions. Turns out this is not the case (


Given that the Connect brochure promotes the "familiar social interactions" I find this super puzzling that tagging people in does not do what pretty much any other social tool does - let the person know that they have been tagged into the conversation.




Hello...We've found that when we assign an alternative name to an asset, the alternative name becomes the first name listed, and the main name becomes listed within parenthesis. Could this be reversed? As it's always best to have the main name of the asset listed first, then any alternative names/alias to be listed within the parenthesis. It creates visual order having it displayed this way. We've ended up not utilizing the alternative name functionality to avoid any confusion for our users. 


Currently - CustyID, CID(CUSTOMER_ID)


Request - CUSTOMER_ID(CustyID, CID)




Our client is considering introducing Alteryx Connect.

They are considering sharing metadata to thousands of users.
So it is not realistic for administrators to create accounts one by one.
Therefore, we want the function to import user lists.

Initially we considered connection with AD,
However, we could not be used because users and server of Alteryx Connect belong to different domains.

Therefore, we want the ability to import user lists.
Or, we want an extension to import account information in AD into Alteryx Connect.


It appears that the connect doesn't currently respect the custom URL for any workflows published to the gallery. ie if the url is when I select to open a workflow from connect it redirects to!app/<specific app info>


That means whenever I select a workflow to open the link is broken.