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Improve Connect Metadata Loaders to pull column constraints

I have a potential feature enhancement for the database-based Metadata Loaders. This has been tested with the PostgresSQL loaders, however I suspect this is something that is reflected across all database loaders.

This suggestion is simply for constraints of the fields to be brought into connect, with the names of the fields. So for instance the following:


is visible in Connect as:


What would be nice is two additional columns, 'Not Null' and 'Primary Key'. Or alternatively, a 'constraints' column, that contains these constraints, so that it does not have to be documented manually following an import.


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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @TheOC, your idea and feedback are appreciated! Our product team is constantly striving to make our products better, and the user feedback we received is critical in that mission. Make sure to also check out other users’ ideas, and "Like" the ones you'd like to see in the product.