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Possibility to change notification settings

Hi Alteryx,

Currently, when a user edits an asset, all the contributors (those who have made the changes to this asset in the past hence listed as contributors of that asset) are notified by email. As a result, these contributors have their mailboxes often flooded with notifications.

In our use case, we rather want to apply pull principle (users can subscribe if they want to be notified) instead of push principle (users are notified on every single change).

Would it be possible to implement a maybe a toggle for turning off the notifications for contributors? Thus, only owners and users who subscribed would be notified when an asset is changed.

Thank you.


Status changed to: Accepted
6 - Meteoroid

Hi we have had the same finding that flexibility in opting in or opting out of notifications would be useful to only notify those who are interested and not over notify and thus frustrate users who don't want to have multiple emails sent to them.

5 - Atom

Totally agree that the email settings for notifications need to be much more refined.  We're actively working to build out a large organization-level implementation of the Connect Data Catalog that will also support data governance at THR but the current email settings are virtually useless to us "as is".  Users need to be able to Opt-in rather than just Opt-out.  We need much more fine-grained control over what types of emails are sent.  We to be able to set up categories of users with different profiles.  We need to be able to direct Development and QA instances separate from Production.  Just to name a few.

11 - Bolide

We are struggling with this and have unfortunately had to turn off all email because it is all or none

7 - Meteor

Alteryx needs to consider this request has high priority

5 - Atom

Having more controls/options at SMTP level in Admin console would be very helpful in restricting the outgoing notifications rather than just having all ON or all OFF. Unfortunately, there is no such control in Connect as of now.