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Visual Indication of sidebar context/top-level area

In navigating the site, I've slowly become aware of the sidebar boxes and their content.


It was only today that I realized that those boxes contain content that is only relevant in the context of the current area (e.g. discussions, ides, blogs, etc.). For example, in the image below the New Solutions and Top Starred Posts only reflect the content in the Closed Beta Feedback.


Suggestion: I think it would be helpful to signify to the user either by color or by text that the sidebox content is area specific. This would also serve to orient the user as to their current top level content area (discussion, ideas, blogs, etc). 


As is, the only way I know 'where I am' is to look at the top in the COMMUNITY > AREA 51 - TEST & FEEDBACK > CLOSED BETA FEEDBACK text line.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks, John. We're looking into different ways of visually representing to a user where they are in the community. One way might be to have different images/colors in the hero (the image header). You'll see an example of this in the ACE Program area. We'll keep testing and see what we can do.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review