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Ideas board for SDK

We currently have ideas boards for Designer; promote; Connect and server; along with this Community ideas board.





Could we please add an ideas board for the SDK; which would be the place to log ideas for:

- SDK for formulae (I'm looking at you @jdunkerley79 ) 

- SDK for using the API in various APIs across the product stack

- SDK for building custom plugins (HTML; C++; Python)


That would also align well with the fact that there's already a discussion board for the SDK


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Status changed to: Not Planned

Hi @SeanAdams,


Thank you for your idea! At this time we're not planning on adding any more Idea Boards to the Community. Currently the Designer board is built out with an SDK/API label, which is actively used to notify the current SDK/API product owner of any new ideas. This product owner is also fairly active with the ideas, which accommodates the current idea intake.


However, should an increase in SDK/API based ideas be seen, we're happy to reevaluate the possibility of adding an additional idea board for this feature in the future.