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Categorize Product Ideas by Tool

Hi @WillM and Community-Team,


today I went to the ideas section and wanted to look if someone already posted tool improvements for the 'Test'-Tool. Therefore I used the Search and tried to narrow the results like this:




While the first look is promising, most of the posts do not talk about the Test-Tool itself, but other tools/improvements.


Would it be possible to add another label "Tools" to actually select the exact tool(s) that we are referencing in the posts? This would also be an amazing feature for developers / product managers to see which tools get the most ideas, summed up likes, etc.


I'd be willing to help categorize all 3000-4000 ideas that we currently have in the Designer Ideas section to get all old ideas categorized appropriately*. For all new posts, the community manager that checks / comments the idea, should check if the users added this himself or if not, add it. If this is too much work, I'd also be willing to help categorize new ideas on a weekly basis. 


*Other ACEs might as well help categorize, but if not, I don't mind spending a weekend to get this right.


Note: It has too be a label, that allows to select 0-n tools, because not all posts talk about tool improvements, but others talk about multiple. Because of the zero possibility, this has to be a non-mandatory field.




16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@grossal I like this idea, very interesting.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned

This is a really interesting idea! After speaking with the team, adding a label for each individual tool would likely create too much confusion and too many labels; management of new tools as they are added would also become difficult.  Using the pre-existing tool categories may be slightly frustrating when drilling down into hyper-specifics, but the alternative would likely yield labels that have little to no activity within them, which causes its own set of problems.