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A better format for Sharing Custom Solutions and Macros, not just asking for help

It would be nice to have a Community format that is also geared toward sharing custom Macros and Workflow solutions as a way to give back to the Alteryx Community, rather than base the entire interaction on question / problem posting and offering solutions. I use Alteryx mostly on the software development side, so most of my solutions have to be more dynamic and universal. Most of us don't have time to stay on top of all of the new question posts and help users with "one off" workflow challenges, so it would be great for us to have a place to share some dynamic custom macros / solutions / tools that could save people a ton o f hassle and time.


Something along the lines of sharing "Use Cases" in combination with some custom dynamic workflow / macro solutions. I have tried to share things in the past and the Community structure is completely geared toward Q & A.

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Yes, it is a great idea. 

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Don't forget to "like" or "thumbs up" the idea post. They use the number of "likes" to decide whether or not an idea is worth reviewing or implementing. Thanks!

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Status changed to: Coming Soon

With the announcement that we'll be bringing the Alteryx Gallery experience to the community, this seems like just the type of place that people can share these assets. Be on the lookout for more details as we get closer to launch!

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I love this idea, can't wait for the implementation!

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Status changed to: Implemented

Check out the new Gallery for the place to share all of your assets and workflows!