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Alteryx Community Ideas

What can we do to make your Alteryx Community experience better? Let us know!

Accessibility Features in Interactive Lessons

Closed captioning would be a welcomed feature for the Interactive Lessons in Academy. This would enhance user experience and enables those with hearing impairments to learn the Alteryx software.


@StephenJamie3 Thank you for your idea.  Did you know that all our our updated Interactive Lessons include a transcript of the lesson in the Resources tab?  Because closed captioning takes up space on the screen that we'd rather reserve for product and concept demonstrations, we opted for the transcript approach.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on if this approach meets the needs of our learners. 

8 - Asteroid

@AYXAcademy  Thanks for pointing to the transcripts.  I LOVE the hands-on, interactive approach of the training videos.  As a beginner, the concept demonstrations provide value and insight.  Thanks!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Because transcripts are available in the resources tab, and because closed captioning takes up valuable real estate on the screen, we do not plan to implement this idea at this time. Thank you for your suggestion and we hope that the transcripts are a viable workaround for you. 

5 - Atom

and @AYXAcademy,


Thanks for taking the time to review my Alteryx Academy idea. I'm stoked to learn about the transcripts! I look forward to giving them a spin for the next lesson release.