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Every time I open a new workflow I start with a heading and subheading. 

  • Heading: Verdana 8pt bold. Color=black. 
  • Subheading: Verdana 9pt regular. Color=gray. 


The aim is to ensure I know what this workflow is for, the date, who it is for and what was happening around me at the time I created the workflow. This helps bring me back to the premise that kicked this whole thing off and puts me in the frame of mind to understand what was happening at the time I created this workflow. 


Occasionally in my workflow I'll have some comments, snippets of code and especially warnings for things to pay attention to when I open or before I run a workflow. 


It would be fantastic if the documentation palette can be expanded to more than just three tools to include some of these comment tools, or a customizable set of tools/macros that will allow me to just set it once and reuse them as needed to keep style and formatting consistent so that I can focus on the workflow while keeping everything documented and tidy. Bonus points for including one that allows me to put my logo/signature on the canvas too. 


My current workaround to this is putting all my styles in a workflow and having that open to copy and paste the comment and update the content. 

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @MuralidharAreti I like the idea of greater customisation of workflow templates and there are lots of similar ideas on here already, so I suggest searching for and upvoting them as well.


However, a fantastic trick you can use to remove your need to cut and paste is to use your own template workflow as the Alteryx Getting Started Workflow.


The steps to do this are:

  • Save your own template workflow here and it can have any file name: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\Samples\en\Start Here
  • Ensure that the 'Show getting started workflow' tickbox is checked in your user settings
  • If you don't want the original 'getting started' workflow to appear then you can move this to an alternate location or delete it completelty.


Please let me know your thoughts!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

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