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Alteryx Projects : Multi-Workflow Filetype and Interface

We often build very large Alteryx projects that breakdown large data processing jobs into multiple self contained workflows.


We use CReW Runner tools to automate running the workflows in sequence but it would be nice if Alteryx supported this natively with a new panel for "Projects"


Nice features for Projects could be:

  • Set the sequence
  • Conditional sequence
  • Error handling
  • Shared constants
  • Shared aliases
  • Shared dependencies
  • Chained Apps
  • Option to pass data between workflows - Input from yxmd Output - no need to persist intermediary data
  • Input/output folder/project folder setups for local data sources in dependencies window
  • Ability to package like "Export Workflow" for sharing
  • Results log the entire project
9 - Comet

You may want to look into workflow "Events".  Also, I add an optional macro input to my macros that goes to a browse tool.  If connected it seems to enforce a sequential run. 


My main problem with this stringed macro method is the time the stupid syntax checker takes to refresh as I'm making workflow changes (adding browse tools post macro etc).  Alteryx doesn't seem to be eating ram or processor cycles, it just takes forever as it ensures I have all the proper connects etc.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for submitting this idea. We're planning on working on a feature to enable people to save multiple workflows as a project this year, so I've added your suggestions to my notes along with that project. 


Thanks again for submitting ideas to improve the Designer.