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Alteryx Newer Version process to read into macros

In the newer versions of Alteryx - if you open up a canvas that was created in a newer version, alteryx offers to auto-fix this by opening the canvas anyway.


However if that canvas includes custom macros - these macros are not imported if they are a newer version.


Please could you extend the Newer Version process to include macros used on a canvas, and attempt to import these too?


Thank you



cc: @mbarone  @Claje @JPoz 

1 Comment

This is definitely a challenging issue today that has multiple failure points in the process.  For example, if you save the workflow, it won't matter if you later correct the versions of the macros, as the macro reference is deleted when there isn't an appropriate version.


Supporting newer macros on older versions of Alteryx is highly valuable, will save time, and will increase accessibility for the platform.