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Ability to Embed a Macro within my Workflow File (not saved as a separate file)

It would be helpful to be able to embed a macro within my workflows so in the end I have one single file.


Similar to how Excel becomes a macro enabled file, it would be great if the actual macro could be contained in the workflow.  As it stands now, the macro that I insert into a workflow is similar to a linked cell in MS Excel that points to another file.  If the macro is moved the workflow becomes broken.  I often work on a larger workflow that I save locally while developing.  Once it's complete, I then save the workflow to a network drive and have to delete the macros and reinsert these.  It also makes it challenging if I were to send a workflow to someone else... I will have to give them instructions on which macros to insert and where.  Similar to a container, they could be minimized so to speak to their normal icon, and then expanded/opened if any edits were needed....then collapsed when done.


Thanks for the consideration.

I normally just export the workflow using options -> export workflow. you need to make sure you select your macros and then they are packaged up with the workflow. have you tried that?

Hi @Tim_A 


Yes, they macros do save in the workflow in the sense of being a tool.  But the actual workflow/detail within the macro is not saved into the main workflow that I am running.  That workflow calls on the macro file to determine what needs to be done, meaning if I were to send you a workflow that had a macro saved in it, that workflow would not work for you if I didn't also send the separate macro file to you as well.

maybe I am not reading this correctly. I just sent my colleague a workflow with 3 iterative macro's, each doing a different job. he was able to open it up and immediately run it with no issues. I saved it as a yxzp.



Sure, that is an option which is basically sending the workflow and macro in a zipped file.  I want the macro embedded in the workflow so there is a singe file with the extension .yxmd


Just as in Excel, you can save the macro outside of the Excel workbook, but the default is that the macro becomes part of the workbook and doesn't have to be saved separately...there are no additional steps (even as simple as those that you are doing).



They currently already do something similar in the raw file xml by nesting "nodes" which are actually tool configurations within a tool container xml node. The same logic can be applied by embedding the entire child macro document the same way.


This would be a nice feature to have so that only generic use macros are separate files. If you just need to create a branch, batch, or loop there's no need to save 1-3 child files. Great idea.