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don't execute Pre SQL statements until the workflow is executed

I would classify this as a major bug.


Using Redshift ODBC connector, if I configure a Pre SQL statement inside an Input Tool, as soon as the Input tool is deselected (white space is clicked in workflow area), the Pre SQL statement executes without even executing the workflow.


e.g. putting a CREATE TABLE statement as pre SQL will create the table prior to the workflow being executed.


There should be no reason for the Pre SQL statement to execute until you are ready to execute the whole workflow. If there is, then the Pre SQL statement should be done outside of Alteryx.


Please change Alteryx to NOT execute Pre SQL until workflow is executed

9 - Comet

My DBA's feathers were ruffled when (with "Auto Configure") on a few pretty hefty queries were executed simultaneously by Alteryx presql statements with each tool I dropped into the workflow.  Lesson learned "Disable Auto Configure" or avoid presql statements...

9 - Comet

Hi there,


What is this "Auto Configure" you mention? I couldn't find any relating setting in Alteryx.


Appreciate your help,


9 - Comet

User Settings > Advanced > "Disable Auto configure" to checked

9 - Comet

@ephij apologies for the late reply. Thankyou very much! That works a treat.



6 - Meteoroid

I also categorize this as a major bug.  Professional tools should never execute code without the user understanding that the code is about to  execute.  Logically, I should run the workflow before any of my SQL code is executed.  

5 - Atom

I just discovered that the "Disable Auto Configure" user setting only works on desktop. Upon saving a workflow to a gallery any Pre SQL statement on an Input tool will automatically execute even if the user has already checked the Disable Auto Configure option. Hopefully this can be fixed in the next release.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback. We're looking into this.






7 - Meteor

I also see this as a major issue. In our company (and a lot of other major firms), we change our Database password several times a year for data security purposes. If it pre execute the SQL code before I even run the workflow, I get locked out of the database due to password error since the input tool has the old password embedded. 


This issue can  be resolved by save database connection, delete all the input tool for the historical workflows, replace it with the new saved database connection, then change the password in the database connection when the password is being updated. But imagine how much trouble has this bring to the users who did not save database connection in some of the workflows. Maybe mention this problem at some "best practice documentations" so other users won't find this in the hard way like I did. Also this will never be an issue if Alteryx just don't automatically update the data before user run the workflow. 

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

 I think this may be happening during validation when adding to the gallery.

5 - Atom

@Treyson Exactly, I've learned to uncheck the Validate option when saving to the gallery, which isn't a great solution for our users since it hides potential problems with DSN naming conflicts, expired passwords, etc... Hoping to see a new option added to turn this behavior on/off because some users may find it helpful for small queries.