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Zero-record safe Python Tool

The Alteryx Python tool currently throws an error if the inbound record set has zero rows (screenshot 1).

In order to manage that - you need to create try-except block around the that instead creates an empty record set data frame. (screenshot 2).   This is inefficient because every time you change the canvas before the python tool, you need to re-code a static field list into the try-except block (i.e. you can no-longer deal with variable fields)


Please could you change the method to create a zero-record dataframe with the correct column names if the input is zero-length?


Thank you



Screenshot 1:



Screenshot 2:


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Sean, 


We've logged it as a defect and have it our backlog. We'll update you when it's done




Thanks @SeanAdams!

6 - Meteoroid

Hi @sprakasam 


Is there an update on this defect?