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Strengthened SPSS support: input/output all values and labels

I would be nice for the Import tool to be able to import both the expanded and unexpanded value labels from a .sav instead of having to choose, perhaps as metadata if it's inconvenient to do otherwise. It would also be helpful if the Output Tool could be modified to report all the Labels and Values for each record when it outputs to a .sav file.


I merged two .sav files using the formula tool to do some renaming and the union tool. In the output .sav I lose the labels for any variables that were renamed and I lose all the value labels for all variables.


Below is an image of some of the variables in my .sav output file. Notice in the red box, some of the variable labels are blank and the values are listed as none.


SPSS example.png

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Just commenting to sign up for reply-mails :)

This would indeed be awesome, I'd use it daily

6 - Meteoroid

Also commenting to follow this thread.  It would be tremendously helpful to be able to be able to write SPSS value labels to a table.

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Alteryx Community Team
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