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Set Window Height for List Box

Hi all,

I was recently helping a new starter assemble an app the included a long check box list in its interface, and stumbled upon a possible feature to be added to your interface tools. Here’s the situation in a nutshell:

  • The analyst wanted to allow the end user to select a from a list of stores, so he used a List Box that populated from our store list in Oracle
  • We have thousands of stores, so when rendered, the interface would be extremely long and cumbersome for the user
  • I then suggested he use a Tree instead of a List Box for this part of the interface, as a Tree allows the designer to limit the Tree Window Height and display only XX lines to the user at a time


So, here’s my suggestion: Can a “Window Height” option be added to the List Box tool?


Given that Tree already has this functionality, I think it would make sense to include such a feature for List Box as well. As of v11.3, this feature does not appear to be included.




Current option in Tree interface toolCurrent option in Tree interface tool

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5 - Atom

This is absolutely a required thing in Alteryx. The Multi-select with List Box doesnt solve the issue if there are 1000s of options provided in the list box. 

The Height option in the list box is going to be very helpful.


@brandons - Could you please help me out as to how did you convert the List Box option into the Tree. I want to do the same thing and am facing issues with the Tree Functionality. Could you please pass a sample workflow for the same.