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Programmatic checks for canvases before allowing push to production

We uncovered a possibility  in which the user  may potentially output a huge file into the Alteryx database  without specifying an external system to house it - which could  possibly take up a lot of space in the  database we use for running Alteryx (store schedules, user and run data to name a few), this  may even bring down the environment  and sure doesn't seem like a good practice.

Can you please   include  a  check  to ensure that  this  can be disabled or capped ( specify a limit on the size) ?



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Tremendous idea @Deeksha - this seems like a good run-time cap, where the admins could specify something like "no job can store more than 10Mb of data" - as well as an option to store the job-related blob data (like temporary outputs or input files) in a different database so that we can segment this for info security reasons.



Very good idea!

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