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Multi-Field and Multi-Row Formula Tool Versatility

I like how the Multi-Row and Multi-Field tools have a variable tab to help the user know the proper syntax for building their formulas such as Row-1, Row+0, and Row+1.  That said, it would be nice if the user could change the Expression manually to point to different rows.  You don't necessarily need all of these variables listed, but if the user could change to [Row-2:Fieldname] so that the formula could look two or more rows up/down.  I have a report where I want to divide one row up by the value two rows up.  I have to use a workaround where this would make it much easier.


Additionally, it would be nice if the Multi-Field tool could accept Multi-Row functions mixed with the Current Field function... such as [Row-1:_CurrentField_]


I understand these are two requests, but the ask is similar...simply that the syntax is understood in both and more versatile.