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IBM DB2 in-Database availability

Please include IBM DB2 as an in-Database option. Currently, my primary use of Alteryx is for copying DB2 tables into Teradata for use on that server. Copying large tables and particularly joining several tables and copying the results to Teradata is too slow in Alteryx.

7 - Meteor
This is highly needed. Might be legacy, but still very widely used.
5 - Atom

I agree that companies need this especially those of us with lots of data in legacy systems, it is pretty highly used due to cost effectiveness. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
7 - Meteor

Most definitely need the DB2 connectivity. I'm in healthcare and our Health Information System is built on DB2, we pull a lot of data directly from the database and there is over 10 yrs worth.

6 - Meteoroid

There would great value if this can be done!

8 - Asteroid

Please develop DB2Blu in database support !!!!  My company has mostly DB2 databases and is moving towards DB2 Blu - please make this work.

5 - Atom

Please develop DB2 BLU in database support!!!!!  Our BLU implementation is fast enough for me to get results for queries I previously wouldn't have attempted.  The lack of in DB support is hindering my companies adoption and utilization of Alteryx.  

7 - Meteor

 I work in a healthcare system with several hospitals and a large portion of my data resides in DB2 databases. I would argue that it is not legacy because we have a large data warehouse being built right now that is being built in DB2. 


Having In-database processing would help me out a lot. 

5 - Atom

Our company (railroad) still have legacy systems that use Db2.  Please develop db2 in database support.